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Until Medical Help Arrives

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What can be done to find a proper way out of the emergency situation in order to provide proper care to the patient till the patient gets medical attention? Prepared this book of the measures suggested by Dr. H. V. Sardesai simple home remedies and the precautions to be taken in medical emergencies, one can be implement by simply referring to the book.

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Life is an unpredictable journey into oblivion. One never knows what may happen next. Emergencies like Medical emergencies happen to be one amongst those uncalled situations which can arrive anytime. ‘Until Medical Help Arrives’ by Mrs. Sarita Bhave along with the renowned Dr. H.V. Sardesai is an informative book designed as a medical help book that elaborates the measures one should take at the time of emergency. Dr. H.V. Sardesai is a reputed doctor who is renowned as ‘Dhanvantari’ of the medical field. A medical emergency is something that can arise anywhere anytime whether at home, neighborhood, away from home or on the way. Herein, the people present around render suggestions which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. What is the appropriate way out of the emergency and how can one provide proper care to the patient until the medical help arrives.

This book touches through many such situations which arise in our day to day life such as Headaches, Pains, Allergies, etc. The author lays across details of the symptoms and causes that one needs to look out for at such times followed by what can be done in such a situation. It also includes lucrative home remedies and precautions that can be implemented at the time of emergency. With ample remedies, precautions, and synopsis of common ailments, this book can be called a one-stop destination that can help save lives during emergencies!

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