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Health and disease depend upon an interplay between our inherited genetic composition and our environment. We face the environment by our Lifestyle.
“Our Life style is mainly our Aachar (behaviour /actions), Vichar (Thoughts/Values), Aahar (Nutrition) and Vihar (activity, exercise and entertainment). This book is about our Lifestyle. It tells the reader how to maintain health by a healthy Lifestyle.”

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Health is an important aspect of our life which no one can deny. It is the health which is paramount and others follow suit. One cannot stress the importance of diet, exercise, internal and external hygiene. However, apart from this, there also exist other elements like social ethics, law, family, etc. ‘Lifestyle’ by H. V. Sardesai is a lifestyle book that throws light into a healthy lifestyle and measures to maintain a healthy physique as well as mind. The present-day lifestyle is filled with a constant juggle between meeting our personal and professional commitments. An unhealthy lifestyle puts one in direct risk of illness, stress, and susceptibility of falling sick.

Our lifestyle mainly encompasses four main aspects. This includes Aachar (behavior/ actions), Aahar (Nutrition), Vichar (Thoughts and Values) and Vihar (activities, exercise, and entertainment). In this book, the author has touched each and every part of our lifestyle covering a total of 308 topics in details in each page including our basic etiquettes, body language and behavior to mention a few. The book highlights the current state of knowledge and why there is a need to upgrade it. And healthy living is possible only by changing our habits that would thereby change the genetic composition. This book can certainly be called an extensive guide for humans in imbibing and transforming their habits.

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