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High-Tech Lifeline – Transforming Lives Through Transplants

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Regenerative Medicine discusses bio ink & 3D printing. Human cells, extra cellular matrix-the scaphold, have been successfully printed. Trachea (wind pipe) is the only 3D organ printed & used to replace diseased organ. Skin is printed & used for grafting after burns. Scapholds for nose & ear are in use. Cells of complex organs like liver, heart, lungs have been successfully printed but it will take few years more before these organs are printed & used in human beings. At present animal experiments on.

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‘High-Tech Lifeline – Transforming Lives Through Transplants’ is an extensive book written by Dr. Anil Gandhi. He is a renowned author and Medical Practitioner. Through this book, the author has undertaken the task of communicating the la developments in medicine to the common man and add to their knowledge bank. Through the years a lot of changes have taken place in the field of medicine. It has advanced to incredible heights. Starting from a very fundamental point it has moved towards a progressive dimension. From vaccines to developing antibiotics, later to gene therapy and now to regenerative medicine which is nothing other than stem cell therapy medicine has come a long way. However, not many are aware of these changes and tools available for treating different ailments and its immense potential in curing individuals.

In this book, the author describes the human body as a fantastic machine and how medicine has come up with solutions for insurmountable problems such as deaf-mutism and blindness using bionic ear and eye.

The author also emphasizes on how molecular biology and genetic engineering have taken giant strides along that has opened doors to more advanced treatment in the future. The book covers diverse topics ranging from the origin of life, the art of reproduction, from genetic disorders to cancer, from bypass to robotic surgeries, and organ transplants. In addition, the book also touches across the legal and ethical issues related to donors and recipients. Certainly, this book can be called an exemplary guide by Dr. Anil Gandhi that helps demystify and enlighten the common public in addition to aiding create a knowledge society where decisions and actions will be based on awareness rather than perceptions or blind faith.

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  • ISBN: 978-81-930-643-2-0

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