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The Art of Staying Young While Growing Old

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Discover the inspiring life of Dr. P. S. Ramani at the age of 85 in “The Art of Staying Young While Growing Old.” This 79th book from the prolific author showcases his daily routine of meditation, surgeries, and musical pursuits. With an active professional life and a commitment to well-rounded interests, Dr. Ramani shares a philosophy of dignity, honesty, and kindness for a healthy mind and body. Overflowing with gratitude, this book serves as a guide for seniors seeking fulfillment and happiness in their later years. Embrace the choice to stay young at heart with Dr. Ramani’s timeless wisdom.

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Dr P S Ramani is now 85 years old but not willing to accept the truth. He gets up everyday early in the morning and does meditation, pranayams and exercise before he is ready to go to work at 8 am. He does surgeries at Lilavati Hospital and examine patients in his clinic. His passion for jogging, hiking has not dampened. His interest in social work has not come down in the least. He believes that one should live with dignity, honesty and kindness to keep body and mind healthy.

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