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Trailing the Tiger

Author: Atul Dhamankar
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The tiger is an apex animal of our ecosystem By protecting it, we can protect ourselves and our future generation. Trailing the Tiger’ by Atul Dhamankar is an extensive informative book on wildlife wherein he has captured every essence of this beautiful species in a prolifically. This book covers an in-depth detail about the national animal of our country. The author begins the book giving a brief insight into the origin of Tigers and goes on to touch the different facets of his encounter with the species. Through the book, he also tries to instate in the minds of readers the importance of Tigers in our ecosystem and the very need to safeguard it from extinction. This book can be called a definitive guide to gain knowledge about Tigers, the royal predators of the ecosystem and the abounding connection man share with nature.

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The book throws light on the danger of extinction that these species face in our country due to continuous human encroachment. The author also highlights the reasons and ways to prevent these marvelous predators from disappearing the face of the earth. He is a, researcher and photographer and fulltime freelance wildlife writer who is famed for penning books on wildlife. The author shares about his experience studying the mysterious and shy felines, sharing with readers the unforgettable moments he experienced with this magical animal. In this book, he shares about his journey of 23 years spent in studying this magnificent predator in the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and other jungles of India.

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