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अपूर्ण आत्मकथा – शेख मुजीबूर रहमान

Author: Aparna Velankar
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बांगलादेशचा सुवर्ण महोत्सव आणि त्या स्वातंत्र्य लढ्याचे अध्वर्यू शेख मुजीबूर रहमान यांची आत्मकथा.
‘सोनार बांगला’ म्हटलं की सर्वप्रथम डोळ्यासमोर नाव येतं ते बांगलादेशचे पहिले पंतप्रधान बंगबंधू शेख मुजीबूर रहमान यांचं ! पाकिस्तानच्या तुरुंगात असताना त्यांनी घेतलेल्या आत्मशोधाच्या नोंदीचे हे ग्रंथरूप. संघर्षाचे, कसोटीचे अनेक प्रसंग, दिसलेली – पाहिलेली माणसे, उभारलेले लढे यांचं वर्णन असलेल्या ४ वह्या, काही टिपणं, कात्रणं हे सर्व त्यांच्या मृत्यूनंतर २९ वर्षांनी मिळालं. त्या सर्वांचे बंगाली भाषेतील संकलन डॉ. फक्रूल आलम यांच्या मदतीने २०१२ साली प्रथम प्रकाशित झाले. त्यानंतर ते इंग्रजीतही आले. मराठी वाचकांसाठी केलेला त्याचाच हा अनुवाद.

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‘Apoorn Atmakatha (The Unfinished Memories)’ is an autobiography book by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Founding Father of Bangladesh. It has been translated into Marathi by Aparna Velankar. Inspired by his wife, Fazilatunnesa Mujib, he started writing his autobiography in his notebooks during his sojourns in jail as a state prisoner between 1967 and 1969. The writer has portrayed many aspects of his life in and out of prison. He has also narrated the beginning of his ancestry, birth and childhood, days in school and college. He has also written about his many social and political involvements which form as an integral part of the history of Bangladesh.

Years after his assassination, the contents of the notebook were extracted by his daughter, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the compiled notes were published as an autobiography. The book, originally in Bengali, has been translated into 14 languages including Marathi and Braille. About the author: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a Bangladeshi politician, statesman and Founding Father of Bangladesh who served as the first President and later as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Mujib is credited as an important figure in efforts to gain political autonomy for East Pakistan and later as the central figure behind the Bangladesh Liberation Movement and the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. ‘Apoorn Aatmkatha’ is one of the two autobiographies by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman where he expressed his views on politics and described his personal life. Buy this book now and read more about the man who changed the course of history!

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