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Will: When and How to Execute It

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Legal reference book on Will, Benefits, Prerequisites, Registration

Every one desires to dispose off his property (movables, immovable and intellectual) as per his wishes. Only way this can be done by executing a WILL. Disposal of property during life time involves risk and can prove problematic. WILL must be legal and executable and therefore requires to be executed while in good mental and physical condition. Every individual with disposable income must execute a WILL for disposal of all his property as per his desire and legal obligation. This book by eminent Lawyer gives practical and legal guidance for effectively dealing with the problem. Book on this subject in Marathi by the author is very popular and useful and is in 7th edition.

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Law affects every individual and it is essential to have legal literacy. Unfortunately there is no eagerness to get acquainted with legal provisions. In fact, there is indifference. This is why many people tend to get confused when it comes to Laws of Succession, Nominations, Good Will, and Gifts and so on. This indifference and ignorance stems mainly from the confusion and lack of legal knowledge. This was exactly what Adv. V. P. Shintre encountered in the lectures that he gave and the articles that he wrote. His aim was to do away with this ignorance and to help every individual dispose off their wealth in the most legally appropriate manner. This book titled,‘Will: When and How to Execute it’ discusses in depth not only the varied aspects of a will, but also the correct approach to be taken when executing the same.

The author of ‘Will’ is eminent lawyer Vidyadhar Purushottam Shintre. He hails from Pune and has been practising Civil, Labour and Corporate law for the past 50 years. He has previously presided over the Labour Law Practitioners Association, Pune as well as the Federation of Labour Law Practitioners Maharashtra, Mitramandal Education Society, etc. His distinguished clientele comprises of Tata Motors, State Bank of India, Mahindra & Mahindra limited, Bajaj Auto, Dena Bank, Warna and Krishna Sahakari Karkhana and many more. He has given notable lectures on legal issues at many places like, Vasant Vyakhanmala, Rotary Senior Citizens Club, Chambers of Commerce, Kirloskar Foundation and so on. Apart from ‘Will’, he has also written a translation in Marathi, titled, ‘Kase Karave Mrutupatra’. His other English titles include, ‘Handbook on Labour Laws’ and ‘Law of Debt Recovery’. One of his books has been awarded the ‘Lokhitwadi’ award on 26th May, 2013.

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